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5 Foods to Improve Your Memory

Dr. Joshua Plant

The drastic rise of memory and cognitive disorders, especially among “baby boomers,” has not only become a great economic concern, but also an epidemic that is drastically increasing. Modern science is revealing more and more the impact diet and lifestyle have on our memory and cognitive performance.

Below are five foods that science has revealed to have great potential in improving the health and memory of an aging generation.



In a study comparing avocados to potatoes, avocados showed to significantly increase cognitive performance. This is likely due to the abundant omega fats found in avocados, giving the critical nutrients necessary to promote longevity in neurons. This is especially important in adolescents and elderly people.



Vitamin D is associated with increased memory and cognitive function in adults. Mushrooms, namely portabella and white, are significantly naturally enriched in vitamin D.  Additionally, don’t be afraid of the sun. Enjoy walks and outdoor activities in the sun to enhance Vitamin D activity and absorption.



Zeatin is a very unique plant hormone found in Moringa oleifera, and is shown to prevent amyloid fiber build up and neurotoxicity in mice, suggesting a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s. This groundbreaking study is very promising of the power of plant hormones and the neuro-protectivity they may have on our long term cognitive performance.



Xanthones are one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, and are found exclusively in Mangosteen. Antioxidants are critical in preventing cellular oxidation and ultimately apoptosis (cell death) from free radicals.



Similar to mangosteen, but working through a parallel oxidative reduction pathway, blueberries show promise in helping to improve cognitive performance in older adults.



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Dr. Joshua Plant
Dr. Joshua Plant

Dr. Joshua Plant graduated from Harvard Medical School first in his class, accomplishing an 8-year program in just 3.5 years. He earned his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences and was selected as 1 of 14 international recipients of the NIH Research Fellowship Award. Dr. Plant has published across several scientific journals for his work on cellular growth, metabolism and other health-related topics and oversees the creation and quality of all Zija International products.

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