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Katie Nielson

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without it—but we thought we’d add a slight peppermint and plant protein twist to your classic cup of hot cocoa. Make enough for one, or share this recipe with the entire family! It will surely be a crowd pleaser.


Améo Peppermint Protein Cocoa

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  • 14 oz water
  • 1 bag Chocolate Plant Protein
  • 1 drop Améo Peppermint Essential Oil


Pour water and a bag of Chocolate Plant Protein into warm pan on the stove. Stir together until powder is completely dissolved, and add 1 drop of Améo Peppermint Essential Oil. Stir mixture together and enjoy on a cold, winter day!

Katie Nielson
Katie Nielson

Katie travaille pour l'équipe marketing de Zija International en tant que mini-Kimi - elle s'occupe des médias sociaux, de la rédaction publicitaire et tout ce qui touche à la communication. Quand elle n'est pas au bureau, elle est très probablement en train de vivre son rêve équestre et de participer à un jumping avec ses deux chevaux. ______________________________________________________________________________ Katie works for the Zija International marketing team as Kimi's mini me—doing social media, copywriting, and all things communications. When she isn't at the office, she is most likely out living her equestrian dream and competing in the jumper ring with her two horses.

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