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Dr Vaughn Johnson

‘Tis is the season! For some, it’s a time to be happy and full of joy—others, not so much. The world is full of negativity and continuously faces numerous difficult challenges. If we allow it, this negativity can be detrimental to our overall health. How do we allow the negativity in? We allow ourselves to focus on it, or worry about things we can’t control. Studies show that our cells contain memories and store negativity. These studies also show that this negativity, in some cases, can be very harmful to the cell and eventually destroy it. Once you start destroying cells, you eventually destroy tissues and the cells that make-up our tissues, and the tissues that make-up our organs, which make-up our bodies! You get the picture.

But, similar studies have shown that feeling thankful—or exhibiting a sense of gratitude—can have positive affects on our health. The positive energy that comes from having a sense of gratitude is like a pebble thrown into your wellness pond—it continuously ripples into other areas of the body; our brains work better, our hearts work more efficiently, our lungs operate better, and we digest food better. As a medical doctor that tries to focus on wellness and treating the whole patient, I’ve seen both the effects of being negative or positive can have on a patient’s health. If you truly want to improve your health, be thankful for what you have. Focus on the positive around you. Say thank you for kind acts, tell someone you admire them and why you do, and how thankful you are for them. Tell loved ones you love them and why. Take notice that nature provides stunning sunrises or sunsets daily and beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs, and skies surround us daily. Take notice and make an effort to comment to yourself aloud how beautiful the day or night is. Stop for a few seconds and admire something you pass by every day. Express gratitude for it!

Simple things like this can have profound positive affects on your health. Recognize and be thankful for the food in your cupboard—be thankful and understand that food is a powerful medicine and not just a source of fuel to your body, but also a source of body information. It signals all areas of your body including your DNA. Always try to consume as much real food that you can.

Take full advantage of being involved with a company that has brought a super food like the mighty Moringa to your daily lives that provides nutrient-dense supplements and products made from real food that are beneficial to your health. Moringa provides powerful antioxidants, reduces inflammation, contains healthy amino acids, and contains nutrients that stabilize your blood sugar. Consume this super food daily and believe me, your body will thank you!


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